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Christian Life Lessons from Baptist Preacher
Rev Wendell

After prayerful consideration, Rev. Wendell Wharton has developed a series of Bible study lessons which he refers to as "Life Lessons." These Christian life lessons from Bakersfield, CA, are Bible-based mini-sermons, which explain a Bible verse in a manner that makes it easy to understand. Each of the Life Lessons is composed of three paragraphs.  They each begin with a quote from The Word of God, (Proclamation) which is followed by the context from which the Bible quotation was taken. (Explanation) They each end with a brief discussion that relates the verse to our current situation today. (Application)  To God be the glory!!!

The purpose of these Life Lessons, and the inspirational scriptures from which they were taken, is to encourage and challenge each of us to live a more Christian life. They are intended to provide daily devotional, thought-provoking, and inspirational words to live by. They also facilitate a better understanding of God's Holy Word. You can read the Bible lessons by visiting Rev. Wendell's Facebook or Twitter pages, as well as his blog. On his blog site, there is a listing of all the Life Lessons that he has posted since he began this effort in June of 2010. Below is an example of a recently posted Life Lesson:



“When the trumpets sounded, the army shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when all the men gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so everyone charged straight in, and they took the city.” Joshua 6:20 (NIV)

Offering Christian life lessons in Bakersfield, CA, that make the Bible easy to understand

They nailed Him to the cross which left holes in His hands - (John 20:25)

Mini sermons from Bakersfield, CA, that will help keep you on the right path in life

This is for "Footprints In The Sand"
(Poem, Author Unknown)
A person walking on the beach with God leaves two sets of footprints in the sand except during the times when God is carrying them.


These are the words of God which were written by Joshua under the influence of The Holy Spirit of God. After The Lord God had encouraged him, (Joshua 1:7-8) Joshua told the Israelites to get ready because in three days they would cross the Jordan River and enter the promise land. (Joshua 1:11) The people answered him by saying that would do whatever he says for them to do, and they would go wherever he says for them to go. They said they would obey him just as they had obeyed Moses. (Joshua 1:16-18) Then Joshua sent two spies to go scout out the city of Jericho and they went to the house of Rehab. (Joshua 2:1-24) Then Joshua told the priests to take up the Arc of the Covenant and pass ahead of the people and step into the Jordan River. (Joshua 3:6-8) When they stepped into the river, the waters stopped flowing. (Joshua 3:13) Just as Moses had led the Israelites across when The Lord God parted the Red Sea, so Joshua led them across the flooded Jordan River when The Lord stopped the flow of the river and it piled up. (Joshua 3:15-17)


It is not necessary for one to brag, or to boast, or to puff one’s self up in order to impress people. When we humble ourselves and follow The Lord God, and do as He says for us to do, then He will exalt us. (Psalm 37:34, Matthew 23:12 and Luke 14:11) He can work a miracle in our lives and cause the people around us to respect us. We may not be well known throughout the nation but we will be well respected by those within our sphere of influence. People who push their way to the front in order to be first, will end up being last in the minds and hearts of the people that they pushed aside and those who saw their behavior. The Bible says that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. (Matthew 19:30, Mark 9:35, and Luke 13:30) When we lift Him up, and do His will, He will lift us up. (Psalm 37:34)

Providing Bible lessons from Bakersfield, CA, that you can relate to
"...The Spirit of God descending like a dove..."
(Matthew 3:16)