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"Study to show thyself approved unto God ..."  2 Timothy 2:15

Rev. Wendell Wharton has published a book that includes a collection of the unique Bible word search puzzles that he designed and developed. Each puzzle is an 8 1/2 x 11 page of apparently random letters that contain the names of all 66 Books of The Bible hidden within each puzzle.  The book is a collection of these word search puzzles.

The names of The Bible books may be arranged horizontally or vertically, and there are no oblique or backward presentations, or intentional misspellings. When the names of all of The Books of The Bible are highlighted or circled, an image will appear. The image is unique for each puzzle, and it may be a picture or words. For those who give a recurring monthly donation to Rev. Wendell's online ministry, he will send you a copy of his book as an expression of his thanks for your support! It is also possible to purchase a paperback copy or an e-book copy of his book via one of the links that are provided on this website.

The Origin of Rev Wendell's Word Search Puzzles

The book, Wharton's Word Search Puzzles, is one of several tools utilized by Rev. Wendell as part of a Bible Study program that he developed while he was in charge of the Youth and Young Adult Ministry. They were developed in order to facilitate their learning and recall of the names of the Books of The Bible. These puzzles are designed to help beginning Bible students, and others, in a unique manner that would make learning the Books of The Bible both fun and challenging.

Wharton's Word Search Puzzles is available now at these online outlets:

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